What Happened After I Bought Your Cats A Self Cleaning Litterbox

I despise cleaning the kitty box. When we got the cat my infant swore that he would care for the cat and scoop the kitty litter box. But you know how that goes. He never did wind up care for the kitty. I looked after the cat. After which he came home with the other cat. So then I had been taking care of two cats. Finally after the third cat came together I decided I would splurge on a few of the self-cleaning litterboxes therefore I wouldn't have to scoop cat poles anymore. Well I spent $200 on the very high quality of the line self-cleaning cat Litterbox because of our cats and this is exactly what occurred:


When I brought the box home and place up it I left the litter-boxes that the direction they were in case the cats did not wish to use the new litterbox because I did not need them moving on to the floor. One cat cautiously entered the self-cleaning litterbox during the top entry. The litterbox started cleaning up after him while he was still going. He had been horrified from the noise that the cleanup mechanism made even though it said it was a silent mechanism. He jumped from the package, still pooping, and ran down the entire upstairs hallway trailing poop. I used to be convinced that I only had wasted $200 and forced more work for myself.

After I spend an hour cleaning up the hall way and then massaging the carpets I visited check the litterbox again. Cat number two jumped in the box and used it. Once again the noise started however, this kitty was not amazed by the sound. Cat number-two sauntered outside from the box without a care in the world and the box clicked to life and raked through the box cleaning it out.

On the subsequent two days I kept a close watch on most of the boxes. I never saw cat number-three use the self cleaning box. Not once. Cat number-two took to it straight off and has used it with no problems ever since. Cat number one sometimes uses it but still prefers the regular boxes with regular scooping litter. So I spent $200 on a spare litter box that just 1 cat uses and that I still have to scoop litter boxes out daily.

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In the long run I presume that pets, like kiddies, just aren't predictable and their personalities and experiences will determine whether they enjoy what they're likely to like or not. I don't know why just one among my cats uses itself cleaning box which I paid plenty of money for. But hopefully the other two will learn to use it someday. I'll not remove this because I am stubborn and I'm not going to throw away that sort of cash. However, if I needed it to do over again I definitely would have bought a less expensive self-cleaning box or merely stuck for the regular boxes with regular clumping mess.

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